Shaping the future of work


Ludus was founded in 2011, in Bilbao, by engineers from de University of Deusto.


The company starts developing technology with the first VR kit in the market.


The first technological base that would allow to create Virtual Reality products was quickly created: galleries, libraries, resources, algorithms and engines that would allow for flexibility and swift development of new products.


Ludus is born as a brand. Leader in the development of Virtual Reality simulations for big comanies. First funding round with local organizations and renowned companies.


Second round of nationwide funding, aiming to make a strategic turn.

The aim is to make Virtual Reality technology more accessible in industrial training.


Launch of the first Virtual Reality platform in the world for training professionals in safety and healthcare.

Transform to Ludus Global.


Ludus Global is the first European training platform using Virtual Reality in number of products and update rate.

With clients in 15 countries and 4 continents..

The company aims to become the standard around the world in education, healthcare and industry with Virtual Reality

We are a great community

To Ludus, people are key. The people that work at Ludus Global are excellent, rigurous, involved and open to change.

We are passion and commitment.

We love what we do and believe in it. We are committed and make the most of it.

We are all technology.

We have always been defined by being quite technological. Our Virtual Reality simulations have always stood out for being ultra realistic, immersive and with the best user experience.

We are a team.

We lead, not impose. We are always open to new ideas. No contribution is dismissed without analysing it. We believe in mutual help and professional as well as personal development.





Seal of Excellence to technological innovation by the European Commission H2020.

Where are we?

Offices in Bilbao and Madrid
We are present in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador Oficinas en Bilbao y Madrid.
Estamos presentes en España, Mexico, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Argentina y Ecuador.

Ludus Global Bilbao.

Calle Francesc Macià Kalea, 4, 6º Izquierda, 48014 Bilbo, Bizkaia

Ludus Global Madrid.

Plaza Castilla, 3, Planta 17 - Puerta D1, 28046 Madrid