Hand Injury Prevention

Virtual reality training

Virtual reality for hand injury prevention.

Hand injury prevention training is a Ludus product aimed at raising awareness of the importance of good hand care in the workplace.

The aim is to provide the trainer with a series of exercises in which risk situations related to hand care are depicted. The product is aimed at production and maintenance personnel.

The trainee has to make the right decisions in order to complete a procedure involving hands correctly.

In case of poor decision making, an accident will occur and its consequences will be visualised.

Hand injury prevention
training objectives

Identify risks

Detect hazardous situations in the construction environment.

Raise worker's awareness

Know safety rules as well as hazardous situations in construction.


Test the student’s acquired knowledge through simulated and safe scenarios.

Compatible with

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Cosmos and HP.

Available exercises for Hand injury prevention


Maintenance workshop scenario in the metal industry

  • Use of defective tools
  • Changing a radical disk
  • Use of a pillar disk without protection
  • Burn during welding
  • Cleaning of workshop


Material included in the workshop

  • Power tools
  • Workbenches
  • Hand tools


Future updates

New scenarios

  • Machining area.
  • Treatment and painting area.
  • Warehouse area.

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Increased safety.

The worker tests himself in different risk situations and is better prepared.

Group learning.

The other students can see onscreen the student’s training taking place.

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