Cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Virtual reality in CPR

CPR training was created by Ludus Global aimed at teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation, improving the learning experience by using virtual reality and an interactive and sensor-equipped dummy.

The simulation encompasses several realistic situations, both guided and autonomous, cementing the knowledge.

Training combining virtual reality with an interactive dummy helps save lives.

The goal is for the student to be prepared to face a real situation with resolve successfully.

CPR training objectives

Learn to face an emergency

Practising to take on a real emergency, such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Acquire experience

Preparing personnel not related to healthcare in an environment where to practise through a virtual roleplay.

Reduce the chances of mental block

Rehearsing as in a real emergency, with a variety of situations in which decisions must be made and experience its consequences.

Compatible with

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Cosmos and HP.

Try a real experience.

Benefits of CPR training with Virtual Reality

Traditional training with a basic dummy.

Traditional training with an interactive dummy.

VR Training with an interactive dummy.

Hearing whether the subject breathes or not, or if there is agonal breathing.

Measuring the rhythm of compressions throughout the exercise.

Measuring and asses the depth of each compression and hands position to generate a correct blood flow.

Training how to control situational stress provoked by a third party.

Training the management of a third party.

Controlling the situation in the rain.

Assessing the state of the CPR equipment.

Making decisions based on body hair and jewellery on the unconscious subject.

Avoiding possible discharges due to improper use of the material, situation or third parties.

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Why should you use Ludus for training?

Bigger impact on training

Immersive training, completely base on experience and practical.

More student involvement.

The person feels they are really there and interact with the scene happening.

Better learning retention.

Makes workers better equipped and make less mistakes.

Increased safety.

The worker tests himself in different risk situations and is better prepared.

Group learning.

The other students can see onscreen the student’s training taking place.

All the training.
Only one platform.

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Unlimited access to all available training.

One license per device.

Always up-to-date.

Access and always updated catalogue with new exercises and trainings.

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