Use and Handling of FHCs​


Virtual reality for Use and Handling of FHCs

Use and Handling of FHCs is a Ludus product aimed at training in the use of Fire Hose Cabinets equipped to extinguish fires. ​

Its objective is to facilitate the learning of the protocol for the use of an FHC from an experiential experience, "learn by living".​

It facilitates the learning of the protocol for the use of an FHC from an experiential experience, "learn by living".​

Aimed at familiarizing the student with a stressful situation and avoiding psychological blockage.

Use and Handling of FHCs​ training objectives


the learning of the protocol.


students with stressful situations to avoid psychological blockage.​


Test the student’s acquired knowledge through simulated and safe scenarios.

Compatible con

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Cosmos y HP.

Available exercises for Use and Handling of FHCs


Scenario library in a traning center

  • The trainer will be able to view the Checklist indicating which steps of the protocol the student has completed in the simulation.​
  • The trainer will have a functionality that allows him to control the state of the fire (Initial, advanced and uncontrolled).
  • The trainer will be able to activate the behavior of some characters on stage to generate stress in the student.


Exercise configuration

  • Scenario in which the exercise takes place
  • Type of FCH
  • The Fire class
  • Guided mode/Non-guided mode​
  • Fire Progress Automatic/Manual​

Future updates

  • A 45mm FHC will be included in the second version of the product.
  • New types of fire (Class B Fire,​ Class C Fire)
  • New scenarios
  • Possible Checklist Exercise

Todas las especificaciones técnicas en una sola ficha.

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