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Frequently Asked Questions

Ludus is the ultimate platform for safety training through Virtual Reality courses.

The goal is to improve current training and give companies enough state-of-the-art tools to increase the added value.

You only need to activate your pay-per-use or flat rate license and have the necessary hardware at your disposal: VR google and controllers and a high-end PC. In case you wish to train users in CPR, you will also need an interactive dummy.

Get in touch with us to activate your license and, if you need to, acquire the hardware.

We take care of the maintenance.

Ludus Care is a service included in the price of the license; we commit to assisting you through email in less than 48 hours. It also includes updates of the software of the products, operating system, VR googles and controllers.

You will have access to the whole catalogue of courses available on Ludus.

This catalogue is constantly growing, so we will incorporate new trainings periodically.

No, Ludus intents to improve current courses with innovative Virtual Reality tools and technologies.

With these technologies we supplement the techniques used for training employees nowadays, being able to reproduce situations that would be either too expensive or too dangerous to carry out in real life.

Each course you will find on Ludus is accompanied by a technical datasheet and a tutorial video.

Additionally, Ludus offers training for instructors in which a product specialist technician visits the client’s offices to conduct a customized training.

It is not necessary. All courses can be used offline.

You will only need to connect the equipment to internet once a month for updates and reporting usage data.

Of course!

You can choose between a fixed installation, for a classroom or training center, for example, or portable, transporting it in a specially designed case.

We have a development plan that takes into account future product launches.

Moreover, we are always open to new proposals and ideas from our clients. We even do regular surveys to fulfil our clients’ needs with new products and developments.