Forklift risks

Training for forklift risks with virtual reality.

Forklift risks is a product created by created by Ludus Global, focused on training the capacity to detect hazardous situations in the workplace.

The trainee will witness different risk situations, as well as perform routine tasks on their own where risks may exist.

Forklift risks training objectives

Identify risks

Learn about the most common risks in the use of forklift trucks and experience the consequences.

Prevent accidents

Observe how other workers deal with risk situation to prevent them in the future.


Practice the knowledge acquired in a completely safe environment.

Available exercises for forklift risks

20'-30' Galería

Risk situations in an industrial scenario

  • Accident due to reversing without looking.
  • Accident caused by not reversing when forward visibility is impaired by the load.
  • Accident caused by attempting to avoid an obstacle.
  • Collision due to not slowing down or stopping at a crossing or gate.
  • Forklift tips over when driving on a ramp and turning on the slope of the ramp.
  • Forklift tips over forward due to excessive load.
  • rash against a door and tipping over of forklift due to the mast being half-raised
  • Driver falls because he is not wearing a seatbelt and the forklift falls on the driver.
  • Object falls on head due to leaning out of the forklift.
  • Collapse of racking.
  • Person trapped due to excessive load and attempting to counterbalance it.
  • Use of PPE.


Inspection checklist.

The learner has to pass the inspection checklist of a forklift prior to its use. The goal is to familiarize the trainee with the checklist and the inspection of the machine and its components.


Future updates

  • New risk situations.
  • New risk scenarios (industrial and construction).
  • New types of forklifts (order pickers, pallet trucks, reach trucks, trilateral trucks)

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